Short Story

We are Judy and Joe, siblings. We love baking. We are also committed to supporting causes that are important to us and our customers. To put it in a pseudo-algebraic equation: Baking + Causes = Dough Empire® . A wise man (Bob Dylan, to be exact) once said, “A man is successful if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between; does what he wants to do.” What we want to do is to Bake Love, all day and all night long. 15% of net proceeds from every purchase you make on our website goes to a cause that is important to us and our customers.

• • •

Long Story

It’s a simple story. We are siblings Judy and Joe, self-taught bakers who have been baking since we were young. We often had “bake-offs” to see who could make better cakes, tarts, breads, pies, you name it. These bake-offs often ended up in tears and fist-fights with a lot of baked goods.. and we mean A LOT, so much that our folks started giving them away to neighbours and friends.

In early 2012, to spare our neighbours from having to eat all our bake-offs, we thought we’d set up shop with a bunch of friends and family.
Dough Empire - Bake Love, Not War
Imperial Bakers & Warriors as we like to think of ourselves. There’s more of us, the rest are camera-shy.

Since Dough Empire® is our very first bakeshop together, we want to keep things simple. We decided to set it up in the form of a little stall in a coffeeshop at Siglap, manned by a kindly gentleman named Uncle Lim (also known as Judy and Joe’s Dad).

While the bake-stall retails a catalogue of regular items daily, what gets us out of bed every morning is inventing special/ limited edition/ exclusive items every other week that are available via pre-order through our online shop only.

Why Bake Love, Not War™ ?
This is where part 2 of the story comes in. You already know what gets us out of bed every morning – now we’ll tell you what puts a smile in our hearts before we go to bed every night ~~ Apart from having bake-offs, we would participate in fundraisers of sorts, mostly in the local community centres where our folks are active members. Except for the one time when it poured buckets at Ang Mo Kio CC, our cookies and tarts almost always sold out.

Knowing that our labour of love was doing good and the funds raised were going to good places just felt.. good. It always felt really good. We weren’t just baking, we were Baking Love.

And that, ladies & gentlemen, was how Dough Empire® was born. By marrying our love for baking and causes that are important to us. The idea is to have a year-round bake-sale fundraiser 365/24/7. That’s why 15% of the net proceeds from every purchase you make on our website goes towards a cause that is important to us and our customers. We are starting with children and education, and we hope to expand it to a wide range of causes in the near future.

Oh, and the other thing we are very particular about is using only all-natural ingredients. No artificial flavouring, no colouring, and no preservatives are used. We also go easy on the sugar.
More midnight foodporn-ing activity - Nutella fudge & malted milk crumble cupcake. Our cupcakes are square too, like our cakes. Coming soon to an online shop near you..
More middle of the night baking action. Death by Chocolate for chocolate lovers and lovers of chocolate.. Available for pre-order soon on your favourite web browser.
Lemony lemon curd shortbread