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Category Archives: Tales from the Bakery

Movember Moments

Movember is the month formerly known as November. Although, the Movember we speak of has nothing to do with THE Movember.. you know why? ‘Coz most of us southeast asian boys can’t really grow proper moustaches. Right? Right. ANYHOO. Movember […]

Dough Empire® x DEALivery: Islandwide Delivery 7 Days a Week

We’ve had an amazing six months baking love at our little stall in Siglap. The Imperial Goods, as they are called, hath so far been made available to denizens of the Eastern Kingdom only. Word’s been spreading and citizens from […]

Celebrating Our First Week

We’re one week old! While this isn’t the first time setting up and running a shop for some of us, The Empire has had to learn quite a few things about running a stall in a coffeeshop environment. Like making […]