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Children & Education: Maalu Maalu Lanka

So we have been Baking Love with you for nearly a year now. This past year, we have learned, laughed, loved so much and also lost some. When we set up Dough Empire®, we always had the intention to do […]

Movember Moments

Movember is the month formerly known as November. Although, the Movember we speak of has nothing to do with THE Movember.. you know why? ‘Coz most of us southeast asian boys can’t really grow proper moustaches. Right? Right. ANYHOO. Movember […]

Muar Otah Vadai

When we first decided to make Vadai, we thought of all kinds of possible “toppings” to give it a somewhat non-traditional twist. Tuna, sardines, sambal, egg & mayonnaise, you name it. In the end, we chose to keep things simple. […]