So we have been Baking Love with you for nearly a year now. This past year, we have learned, laughed, loved so much and also lost some.

When we set up Dough Empire®, we always had the intention to do some good, and by good, we mean more than just baking love day in day out.

This is the direction that DE is finally confident of going: which is to Bake for Good. We aim to be a year-round 365/24/7 bake sale, whereby 15% of net proceeds from all our online sales goes towards causes that are important to us and our customers.

We are starting with something really close to our hearts – children and education. Currently we are supporting Maalu Maalu Lanka, a community project seeking to build confidence in spoken English of students in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

If nothing else, we hope to be able to at least sponsor their Internet connection & usage – the other one thing which is very, very, very close to all our hearts (and yours too, we’re quite certain!)

We’re kicking off our Bake For Good year-round 365/24/7 bake sale with our handcrafted Christmas Limited Editions, just in time for the most gifting and giving season of the year.
DE Xmas Sweet Treats Complete Set

We hope you’ll continue to Bake Love, Not War™ with us. If there is a cause that is important to you, we’d like to hear about it. Write to us at

And, we hope you’ll help us spread the word.