Movember is the month formerly known as November.

Although, the Movember we speak of has nothing to do with THE Movember.. you know why? ‘Coz most of us southeast asian boys can’t really grow proper moustaches. Right? Right.


Movember Moments is about the moments spent waiting at traffic lights. Movember Moments is about the many, too many, moments of joy and suffering spent in camp.

We’re talking about Motoring and the future Movers & Shakers of this here glorious island we call home. THAT’S what the Mo in our Movember stands for.

We’ll keep this very, very short else we’d digress to the point of no return.

Get your Mojo up & running this Movember and grab a One.Motoring Movember special, or a NS Portal Lifestyle Hotstuff Movember special. If you bat for both teams (we mean One.Motoring + NS lah…), well congratulations! Next on the to-do list is to grab someone special to share these sweet Movember Moments with.

Remember – your true love is someone who loves you regardless of whether you have a stash or ‘stache or not.