We’ve had an amazing six months baking love at our little stall in Siglap.

The Imperial Goods, as they are called, hath so far been made available to denizens of the Eastern Kingdom only.

Word’s been spreading and citizens from the Northern, Southern and Western kingdoms have been crying at the unfairness of it all. “Cakes and breads for the Eastern Kingdom only?? Preposterous!!”

There was much gnashing of teeth and clenching of fists. To maintain peace and order, The Empire decreed that Imperial Goods must be made available to one and all by way of Imperial Despatch.
The Imperial Bakers sought far and wide for a trustworthy Imperial Despatcher. A thousand gallant riders applied for the arduous task but none passed muster.
Then one day, a brave, earnest young woman with a fleet of riders who call themselves “DEALivery” descended from the clouds and offered their humble services to The Empire. Despite their rather, um, un-Imperial name, they earned the trust and respect of The Empire by very simply keeping to the Imperial Despatcher’s Number One Rule of the Universe: slay all the green dragons, slow down at the yellow dragons and stop at the red dragons. (Also known as “road safety” in Plebeianese).
The Empire hereby brings you fresh bakes, square cakes & snappy snacks* by way of DEALivery.sg from today, 7 days a week.

And with that, peace and order is restored in all the land. Have you had your vadai today?

*Dough Empire® bakes fresh daily using all-natural ingredients – no artificial flavouring or colouring, and no preservatives are used. The cakes are also less sweet to cater to the health-conscious.