Made from the same base recipe as the Almond Butter Cake (minus the almonds), we call the Crackly Crunchy Coffee Cake (a.k.a. the CCCC) the “dark, smokey cousin of the ABC”.
crackly crunchy coffee cake

The crackly surface is achieved by using real coffee granules and the magic ingredient of all desserts – sugar.
Limited edition special: Crackly Crunchy Coffee Cake

Other basic ingredients include the usual suspects – egg, vanilla essence, flour and Danish butter.
Whisking together some eggs, vanilla essence and softened butter #midnightbaking #cinnamonrollsMixing some flour, yeast, and sugar (and yes, it has to be a square tub!) #midnightbaking #cinnamonrolls

The texture of this cake ought to be light and fluffy, best enjoyed at room temperature and to be consumed within 1-2 days of purchase.
Fresh from the oven: crackly crunchy Coffee Cake, or "Kek Kopi"

Over here at The Imperial Headquarters, we normally have the Crackly Crunchy Coffee Cake with either a Kopi-O-Kosong or a Teh-O-Kosong — we’re fond of pairing cakes with a non-sweetened hot beverage to fully appreciate the simple, rustic flavours of our cakes.
Is taim for a coffee break with a crackly crunchy coffee cake and a large, hot mug of coffee

Coffee granules, sugar, vanilla essence, butter, egg, salt.

Each whole cake weighs approx. 500g and measures 6″ by 6″.

Whole cake $11.50, single slice (quarter of a whole cake) $3.00

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Dough Empire® bakes fresh daily using all-natural ingredients – no artificial flavouring or colouring, and no preservatives are used. The cakes are also less sweet to cater to the health-conscious.