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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Muar Otah Vadai

When we first decided to make Vadai, we thought of all kinds of possible “toppings” to give it a somewhat non-traditional twist. Tuna, sardines, sambal, egg & mayonnaise, you name it. In the end, we chose to keep things simple. […]

Crackly Crunchy Coffee Cake

Made from the same base recipe as the Almond Butter Cake (minus the almonds), we call the Crackly Crunchy Coffee Cake (a.k.a. the CCCC) the “dark, smokey cousin of the ABC”. The crackly surface is achieved by using real coffee […]

Dough Empire® x DEALivery: Islandwide Delivery 7 Days a Week

We’ve had an amazing six months baking love at our little stall in Siglap. The Imperial Goods, as they are called, hath so far been made available to denizens of the Eastern Kingdom only. Word’s been spreading and citizens from […]